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Dayle Ann Clavin, Austria (AU)

Technical information
Digital image(Nikon D100) adjusted
digitally. Studio flash lights
This image entitled Syrinx1, Is a portrait from a series of color images revolving around the famous flute solo by Claude Debussy with the same name. In this legend ,the shepard god, Pan, falls in love with the maiden of the river, Syrinx When she rejects his love, he follows her and she flees. In his sorrow, he turns her into reeds by the banks of the river and cuts them down in order to make a flute, upon which he plays his sad songs. Being a professional flutist and flute teacher, I was interested in capturing the atmosphere of the legend and the music of Debussy which I have performed many times. I used a student as model and treied to bring out her innocence. Through the use of color backrounds and transparent materials I attempted to create a mythical atmosphere, by using the warm colors of the earth. The forward movement suggests the fleeing movement of Syrinx. The flute is the connecting element for the legend which inspired Debussy to compose the music