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Jorge Garcia Pereira

2 : individual exhibition
0 : collective exhibition
1 : guest author

was born and lives in porto.

he started to photograph late and never obtained much success and receptivity with his images.
his first camera was won in a regional gastronomy contest, and since then he started to photograph famishing. in the fifth day the camera got broken and he found out, a few months later, that it was a disposable camera. disappointed with such a big discovery he decides to buy for the first time a camera, chosing a "Leica M6". tired of all the work the camera gave to photograph he changed it for a "Fuji easyshot", a compact and practical camera that a friend had brought from one of his visits to macau that, for his great hapiness, used the same films than the previous one.
today he has in photography his favourite hobby and the best way to weary people.