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Passer-by Février 2008
author: António Luís Campos guest author
António Luís Campos
> Passer-by
Février 2008

The street. People. Traffic. Chaos. Noise...
Walls. Self-analysis. Silence. Absence...

It?s between these realities, sometimes mixed up and blurred, that I search for something, that probably lives only in my soul. The shyness, the fear of photographing others have always been with me, since a time where silence was a strong communication tool with insects, birds and flowers, in more harmonious landscapes, where finding my interior peace was much easier. But curiosity, the challenge of capturing glimpses of human beauty were increasingly stronger...

Stares, expressions, faces, silhouettes and light ? much or little, depending on the circumstances ? seen by the eyes of someone that pass, stops and follows his way. Sometimes smiling. Calm. Confident. Or uneasy. Shy. Anxious. Even with fear, maybe. Passer-by in another?s world...

Text: António Luís Campos

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