Ghost in The Shadow
author: Angelo Lucas individual exhibition

Ghost in The Shadow

This book was born from a dazzlement. And from an hazard. In one unexpected visit to the extraordinary space of Convent of Carmo in Lisbon, the force that emanated from those proud ruins remembered me about others, that already for many, excessive times, had entered my eyes and soul.

Ruined houses, with and without people inside, buildings with soul, but no walls, wrecks spread in empty roads. Nature itself can assume dramatical contours, much or more shadier than those that the worse of men are capable to produce, sometimes only through emptiness, others through their own ashes.

Images so strong became impossible to forget, even because they carry in themselves memories of better times and things, souvenirs of life, that observe as ghosts among the shades and provoke us a constriction in the chest. We wait, perhaps in vain, that there are angels peeping...

Each one of these photos it's a story that was only waiting to be told. And thus was done, for those entitled to it.

The book of this exhibition, with texts from renown authors, is on sale on Bulhosa Bookstore in Lisbon. It will have its official launching in January 2009. For more information on how to adquire it please contact the author.

Text: Angelo Lucas
Translation: Sofia Quintas