It's Just an Illusion
author: Manuel Luís Cochofel
title: Sofia individual exhibition

It's Just an Illusion

"All the art knows the expressiveness of the inexpressive and that experience of the real only will happen once we loose the fear to enter in a theater of illusions".

Vladimir Safatle
(Philosophy professor)

All these images were made in my place, in a small studio, with artificial light, with large format and colour negative.

They are portraits of family and friends of mine, to whom I asked for being photographed with a neutral expression, without the mask that a smile or an assayed expression can put, between it's representation and the observer.

The couple portraits have the intention to rouse diverse readings, when the observer tries to establish links without knowing if they exist, or which nature they will be.

Text: Manuel Luis Cochofel
Translation: Sofia Quintas