Albania "the furthest away from the close countries"
author: Yves Rousselet
title: sur la route de Grabjan été 2004 guest author

Albania "the furthest away from the close countries"

Photography it's poetry and not only poetry. The light really exists, the mountains, the sea, the landscapes really exist with their inhabitants who work, who dream, who sing and who disenchant.

I always travelled, at least as much as I could with this, maybe, immoderate taste for freedom; and I did not cease photographing.

Since one two three decades "I cross" albums, books of photographers, exhibitions of photographers, meetings of photographers, I take the road, I look for a way, I try to find the route of a photograph which tells me how life goes... and when I look at it who murmurs me LONG

Albania, country "mirror", singular country by its history specially during the second part of the XXth century, is a destination which I coveted a long time; as the child who waits to be enough tall to look to the other side of the wall.

This series of photographs among banal and ideal attests simply that two meetings, only one dream really took place: travel, photograph, bring back moments of strong lived emotions; to be reporter is to suggest from what happened.

Text: Yves Rousselet
Translation: Sofia Quintas