Sra. da Agonia 16-08-2002
author: Sofia Quintas individual exhibition

Sra. da Agonia


"Wild waters, mountainous waves!
Our ship is but a nutshell!
Oh Virgem d'Agonia,
Leave us not ín our hour of need.
Until the estuary
You will be the guide.
Lady of the Fisherfolk,
You love all and ask for naught
From those who ask protection.
Fewer pains,
Nets afull
And pardon.
And so on the Pilgrimage here,
I put on your altar of cloth,
The purple rose of the dawn,
This picture
Of my ship:
Cradle and loved one.
There is a name, a beautiful name
I know of none other like it
It is Viana do Castelo
Watch over her and me.?