Getsemani 31/03/2005
author: nelson d individual exhibition



"In the Getsemani, Jesus, in prayer, perceives the entire conclusion from the great drama of Passion: `My soul is in a death sadness. Stay here and watch with me'. Jesus needs company and solidarity, but he stays alone. Everyone sleeps"

Easter is lived with great tradition in Minho, where the majority of emigrants return home to hold Jesus's cross at the sound of a brassband that follows the "Compasso", and give the cross to be kissen by the parish's population.

The photographs that I present here are one brief documentary choice about the festivities of Easter in the parish of Fiscal - Amares - Braga, one of the many parishes of Minho where the "Compasso" goes out in Easter Monday. All the photos had been made in the afternoon of the 12th of April 2004.

Note: These fifteen photographs, were displayed in Sardoal with the support from the City council, during the Holy Week and Easter.

NT: "Compasso" - Portuguese expression for the paschal visit of the parish-priest to the parish's houses.

Text: Nelson D'Aires
Translation: Sofia Quintas