Cities and People
author: Cláudio Edinger
title: Insane Asylum guest author

Cities and People

(...) The curious is that the technician characteristics required for the photography of portraits and cities are very distinct, attracting usually people endowed with equally distinct personalities. The city as environment is almost always hostile, however as a subject is docile. With people sometimes the opposite happens, and the most candid look can hide a hard spirit. With people in an urban environment the worse occurs: they used to turn almost into things or almost beasts, mere characters cheering the scene with their presences or destructive intruders, pledged in contaminate everything and all with the black desperation they bring in the chest. Either as it will be, either where it will be, in the room of the Chelsea hotel, in a dormitory of the Juqueri asylum, in New York, in Havana, or Calcutta, Cláudio Edinger always knows how to extract the best of people and of things, pledging his undeniable talent and his prodigious energy in an untiring journey through the zones of dawning of people and cities. (...)

Text: Peter Karp Vasquez
Translation: Sofia Quintas