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Luísa Ferreira

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Luísa Ferreira was born in Lisbon, 1961.

With training in Geography, she changed the degree for photography. Started to photograph professionally in the middle 80's and interrupted the daily activity of photojournalist in 1998, after working seven years in the daily newspaper Público and two years in the american news agency Associated Press. She continues to collaborate with the press.

At the same time, exhibits individually with regularity since 1989, developing personal projects and assignments, such as "the objects don't have colors/but shades of objects do/a friend of mine/that has the dock's key/also thinks this way" (Picabia), in Warehouse AB in Lisbon's Port, 1993; "Captain Goma" in Casa d'Os Dias da Água in Lisbon, 2003; "Off side", project carried through the scope of Artes em Campo from the Institute of Arts in 2004, "How long do you work here?", photographs about old stores in Lisbon and people who inhabit them, initiated in 1994, Municipal Photographic Archive of Lisbon, 2005.

She exhibit in Encontros da Imagem in Braga, 1994, 1995 and 1996 and in Encontros da Fotografia, Coimbra in 1994. She also participates in collective exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. First choice in Recorridos Fotográficos of ARCO98 (Madrid) with "Ether". She photographes regularly portuguese writers.

Published, among others, the book "Blue" (2002) about the non-places, with text from Agustina Bessa-Luís edited by Ambar. Is represented in several national and foreign collections. Currently she's an invited photojournalist teacher in IADE (since 1996) and ETIC (since 1998).