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Olga Gouveia

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Born in Lisbon and with an architecture degree, profession that I practice at 100%, I have little availability for my great passion: photography. Only in the last 6 years I started to develop it more intensely. Assuming myself totally as an amateur and continuing to use analogic photography, quickly I started using digital and image edition in Photoshop, that I consider a true digital laboratory, that allows me to recreate and conceive new works, such as I've done in the past, using photographic oils and water-colours.

I start to photograph architecture, with rigorous framings, and developed a special taste for Urban Graphisms, a very personal form of observe. Later, and in a shy way, I tried to approach human beings, still inserted in architecture, not as a central element, and thus Graphical Routines appeared. Having a live essentially urban, landscape photography was always a challenge I rarelly practise, exception made when I travel. Thus, I search new ways, and I try to approach it graphically turning sometimes to Infrared.

The assumed approach to Portrait appeared, for the first time in Cuba, where the atmosphere and empathy generated between photographer and people was so spontaneous, that shyness was forgotten. I developed then a very special taste for photographing people and their environments, that I still do, not only when I travel, but also in Lisbon. Following that, beyond approaching several thematics, I've tried studio assays and other experiences, searching new ways in this surprising and passionate world, that is photography.

Contacts: olga54@mail.telepac.pt