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Lilya Corneli

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Like a single note of a piano struck that sets other strings within to vibrating in response, a unique artistic voice can set our soul ringing.

The work of Lilya Corneli can create such a feeling within us. There's an unmistakable sense that something important is needing to be expressed, and it is effortless to find one's self responding emotively in return.

Lilya Corneli has been expressing herself through her photography for years. Born in 1978, her path began in capturing the world around her with her father's Zenit film camera.

Her work started to take a more personal form when, two years ago, she discovered the digital medium and began portraying herself. Today she uses digital cameras but still uses her Zenit and a Holga film camera. Most importantly, her personal vision has, more than any medium she has chosen to work in, become what makes her work so compelling.

Perhaps it is a sense that we are viewing something of Lilya's unique perspective, shaped by everything that has challenged her, or carried her, hurt her or given her joy...all that has lent itself to the creation of the works of quiet, haunting beauty that are so completely hers.

So we continue to listen, waiting for the next note to sound...

-Darren Holmes