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Catarina Costa Cabral

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the light that I always saw before the name of things

Yes, it's for the light that I photograph; by the way it's received by the illuminated surfaces. perhaps because of that I like it crossed, because as bw, gives distinction to the light, intensifying it and giving it the prominence it has to myself.

I photograph interiors for magazines, but straight ones, with correct light and maxim definition; when I photograph for myself I use other processes, but the great difference is the freedom of being able to do big blunders, to play with chance, to photograph only what I feel and I have the will to.

I frequently compare photography with cooking; it also needs a perfect mixture of ingredients and timings

when I started to photograph, I used during two years only one camera, with a 50mm objective and almost always bw. I believe firmly that the excess of technique and technology kills our capacity to learn how to look. if we only have one objective we will be obliged to go round the subject, to come close and move away until obtaining what we want, opposed to zoom that allows distance framing.

I like good optics, even if it's for doing out of focus, trembling or to destroy all the levels

I prefer manual cameras and natural light, I like to have time to frame, even if many times I do it before picking the camera and shoot.

I feel in a good phase of mine relation with photography, I have several projects running and the professional work each time is more close to me, of what I like to do and this are very good.
my goal - manage not to shoot photographs in vain, those that are made only because we have the will to shoot, and to obtain a 100% result.

ambitious, I know...

Catarina Costa Cabral

I was born in Lisbon in 1963
I photograph since 1979, and professionally since 1984