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Chad Meacham

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I cannot tell you why, but when I was 13 I decided that once high school was done I would live in a VW bus and travel the United States. People laughed, parents moaned. Six months prior to my graduation I had a 1971 VW sitting in the drive way. Two years later that bus caught fire in Arizona and burned to the ground. I had lost everything. I was free. It was 1992.

I spent the next 4 years going thru Uni and began travelling in Western Europe during the summers. Each trip a little longer, each venture a little further east. And like so many great people I have met over the years these trips soon became what I lived for, and then became my life.

In 2003 I started to show my work and so far the reponse has been great. Winning National Geographic Traveller's photo contest was a great honor. In August 2004 I am heading on another extended trip and I expect it to be my best work yet.

Life is awesome. Eat it up.

Text: Chad Meacham