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Edgar Keats

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Musician, producer. Photographer for pure pleasure.

Music was always present, at the age of seven he enters a music school, there moves to the brassband of his district. After this, music become inseparable of Edgar. At the age of seventeen forms his first indie band with some friends, that would end three years later, and now continues with the music, with another band and other projects.

He discovers photography since early, but it's at the age of twenty that he decides to try to write with light with bigger intensity. "Sex", "Heat", "Persons", "Bodies", "Guitars", "Music", "Rock n' Roll" are key words for Keats.

At the age of twenty three he conciliates music and photography in a unique space: parallelly to the opening of his studio of professional recording, Indietronic Studio, he also opens an art gallery, the Lust Art Gallery, where he displays his photographs and also organizes exhibitions of more names related to photography.

Text: Edgar Keats
Translation: Sofia Quintas