Ferrugo Nunquant Dormio
author: Mário Pires
title: Rabhi Abou Khalil guest author

Ferrugo Nunquant Dormio

Rust is a physico-chemistry phenomenon that consists in the oxidation of metal exposed to oxigen. Little by little rust corrust the metal until the only remains of it are a brownish dust that can be blown by the wind.

Rust also attacks human beings, but they rarely perceive this phenomon, since they don't present visible physical symptoms. In artist's case these effects can be observed in a slant way through the quality of their artistic production. All of those that don't scrap the rust and keep the creative spirit alive end disappearing in a dust cloud.

This is not the case of musicians portraied in this exhibition, that keep alive musics with centuries of tradition and aren't in fashion and industry mercy.

Text: Mário Pires
Traduction: Sofia Quintas