author: paulo rodrigues
title: Alterballetto #2 competition


Theater, music, dance, recital of poetry, everything is allowed and admired on classic stage, in the representation of the real, the dream, the fiction.

The contemporary society widened the traditional concept of stage. Stage is everywhere and we all want to be in it.

In airports, convenience store, in the street, the gas station, the ATM, we are the actors of ourselves under omnipresent monitoring. The necessity we have of recognition, puts us to represent the fiction of ourselves in messenger, in front of friend's cameras, even in the most recent tv competitions of real life.

We look at the fugacious light of a tv camera, as an insect looks at the light in the dakness of night. We inebriate ourselves with it. We participate in competitions, we are activ models in tv news.

Select one stage and show us up to 3 examples of as you see it, or as you see yourself in it.