author: paulo rodrigues
title: Violência Policial competition


Besides telling several stories, photographs can denounce, teach, explain, try to improve, different realities of those who see them.

It's with photojournalism that the informative slope of photography reaches its maximum expoent. With it, what's far becomes closer, and the knowledge and attitude of humanity before iself grows and change.

Also, it's photojournalism that writes the history of the world, of small worlds, so that later can be remembered how it was, compare as it is.

We wait for your histories, accusations, informations, realities. Shows us a photograph with information.


This month the highlight goes to João Bacellar, from Brazil.

The contest extension to December resulted in a participation of more than 100 photos, from which we selected the best.

Thanks to all who participated. You made us a tough choice, and a good challenge to select from.