The Yellow Tram 2005
author: José Gonçalves
title: # 15 individual exhibition

The Yellow Tram


The images I show here are made with Polaroid SX-70 film.
This technique Image Manipulation or Emulsion Manipulation, consists in manipulate the photo minutes after it was taken (usually as soon as the image is fully developed) or 24 hours later, using several tools, to achieve the result I show here.

Tools such as: Ivory needle for fishing nets, Wooden Ceramic Tools, Coarse Sandpaper, and lately I?m using wood toothpicks, to get a softer effect on the emulsion.

After taken the photo I do the manipulation on location, and sometimes I take advantage of the texture of the surface where I do the manipulation, since it must be made on a flat hard one, but with texture you will get a more distorted effect.

All the images show here are manipulated without using any program, such as PhotoShop or Corel Draw, and this technique is only possible on Polaroid SX-70 Film.

Text: José Gonçalves