Beginning of Century Records
author: Catarina Costa Cabral guest author

Beginning of Century Records

This work is not closed and will continue to grow, and perhaps be the starting-point of linked projects.

All these photographs have to do with the space and/or the lack of it, and with my sorrow about the systematic destruction of Lisbon and many of its buildings.

Whenever I see an abandoned or closed building, I start to occupy it in my dreams, imagining the light that it will have inside and as I would be happy there.

Invariably, times later or I see it on the ground, or converted into a "luxury" building, emptied in the inside, transformed into a deformed thing.

I'm not against the modifications, but I would like that something was kept, specially what is pretty and simple.

data about photos: slide medium format in cross, scaned from negatives; negative/bw medium format

Text: Catarina Costa Cabral
Translation: Sofia Quintas