Pilgrimage of Lavra agosto de 2004
author: Manuel Luís Cochofel individual exhibition

Pilgrimage of Lavra

agosto de 2004

small news story about the procession in honour of Our Lady of Fátima (patron of fishermen from the beach of angeiras) in Lavra, small parish of Matosinhos.

this is an ancient pilgrimage, which starts in the principal church and finish in the beach of angeiras, more concretely until where fish is sold. happening in two in two years these festivities drag thousands of people.

the crack of rockets at two and a half in the afternoon (one August afternoon that promised rain but that unclouded little by little) marks the exit of the parade, with the wooden framework detailed decorated, behind the firemen brass band. the procession then covers some thoroughfares, in a long way carpeted with petals, in the sea's direction.

there, the fishermen that during the day of their festivity recall the difficult moments in high sea, pray for the continuity of their protection.

Text: Manuel Luis Cochofel
Translation: Sofia Quintas