Salam GAZA Palestina, 1999
author: Txomin  Txueka individual exhibition

Salam GAZA

Palestina, 1999

Death-Sentence: The last "Homily of Fire"

I wanted to make a special calling to men in the army...(...)...before an order to kill given by a man the law of God that says; "You shall not kill", must prevail.

No soldier is obliged to obey an order against the law of God. Nobody has to execute an immoral law.

It's time for you to regain the conscience and obey your own conscience instead the order of sin.

We want that the government takes to heart that reforms done with as much blood are no use.

I's on behalf of God, therefore, and on behalf of this suffered people whose moans reach the sky each day more tumultuous, that I implore you, I supplicate you, I command you on behalf of God; to cease the repression.

Text: Monsignor OSCAR ROMERO, 23rd of March 1980

Translation: SOFIA QUINTAS