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Pedro Vilela

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Pedro Vilela was born 25 years ago in Lisbon. He dedicated himself to photography since early and hugged it at full time after ending the photojournalism course in CENJOR, when he had the chance to train in Público newspaper. Dgreed in Communication, he adopt image as form of communication with the World, many times, in a more direct form than with words. Currently, he develops several projects of documentary photography, which can be seen by the public in the exhibitions - national and international - that he presents.

It was through the magazine Visão, in contribution with BES that he received, in the present year, an honourable mention in the Reportage category, on the most important award of photography in Portugal, the Photojournalism prize Visão/BES. Beyond this, he has received several distinctions with his work, being one of the last an attribution of 3rd photojournalism blogs prize from the National Press Photographers Association.

Beyond publications in the Press, Pedro Vilela also collaborated in the Armed Forces Book of Prestige, with images from Bosnia and Kosovo, trips he made in 2006. In the same year, he made other photographic reportages, that can be seen in his site www.pedrovilela.com.