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Martin Fuchs

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Martin Fuchs is a freelance photographer based in Vienna, Austria and New York City, USA. After working as a Graphic Designer for more than 5 years, Martin decided that it's finally time to do what he always wanted to do. He went to New York City in 2005 to completed a 6 months internship at the renown photo agency Magnum Photos.

For his internship at Magnum and his stay in New York, Fuchs created 'New York Photoblog', an online diary where he published photographs and notes from New York City over a period of 6 months every day. Martin?s blog has received international recognition and he got equipment sponsorship from Canon Europe for this project.

In March 2006 he started a new website called 'Journal Of A Photographer' as a continuation to 'New York Photoblog'. It's a website dedicated to photojournalism and photography. A website about his long lasting passion and humble approach towards photography. He is now supported by Lexar, ColorVision and Digital Railroad.

He freelances for a variety of newspapers and magazines. Currently he is an editor for the multimedia department of Magnum Photos - Magnum In Motion in New York.

Martin Fuchs is available for assignments around the world.