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Newman Sucupira

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About himself:

"I am superior to everyone, except to those who have more talent than I :)))))))))"
"I am a mediocre technically excellent, therefore I see what others can't see"
"Nature endowed me in a very cruel form, very cruel, I know how to appreciate as few, I don't have talent for nothing at all. The biggest frustration is music. I learned how to read music by myself, I am incapable of produce a tuned note. The exception is in my head, there everything is exact."

-"You are brutal!"
-"I know :)))))))))))))) but I always know what I say. That's why they hate me :))))))))))))))))"

About the others:

"There's no FREEDOM of being a moron, there's the LIBERTINAGE of being a moron"
"It's necessary to chide the dullness. This, I really do it! :)))))))))"
"Only fools believe in another's support"

About the Portuguese and Brazilian languages:

-"When do you learn how to write "quotidiano"?" (N.T: daily in
-"The correct way is "cotidiano", "quotidiano" comes from quota, that doesn't correspond. :)))))))))"

About photography:

"In truth, I don't bear sunsets"
"I don't photograph people from Sergipe, I photograph beings that I respect. This could be in Nepal"
"Don't think. Photograph, let the others think"

About music:

"Popular music, the silence is better! Here it also existed, in the military regime. It was garbage! They forbidden it not because it was subversive, but because it was bad! I really like Bach and Beethove

About death:

-"I was close to death. Unfortunately, only close. I fainted five times. There are many cases where the person simply doesn't return, but the sensation of faint is one the most wonderful things of life"
-"It's as everything stopped being important and a bigger force took you with much kindness. Never, not even with drugs, I felt something better, what takes me to conclude: to die must be a delight"

"Heaven must be a damm boredom!"

About his curriculum:

-"Can you just scribble some small lines?"
-"No way!"

Translation: Sofia Quintas